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Angel Katherine Taormina

Angel In The Sky TIFF.tiff

Angel Katherine Taormina is a New York born actress, writer, and filmmaker who has been working in entertainment, experimental film, theatre, and various art forms from the age of seven and who, after 2020, and officially in 2024, shifted into the world of feature film. Originally a theatre-baby, she studied with NYFA and with mentors and professionals from various other Arts schools. She was an extra in the films "The Siege" (1998) and "Spider-Man 2" (2004). Angel worked in everything from comedy to drama to live production to documentary to experimental film, and pursued her unique perspectives on life through her storytelling. She became the inventor, creator, and author of the Stagebooks series and of Cinétage- which is the name she gave to her experiment that married the styles of theatre and film in live performance. She is also the author of eleven novels. In 2024, Angel began to unveil her new path. Angel decided to officially launch into a full-fledged career in feature film as writer, filmmaker, and actress. Her first film with her FireWing Productions is "The Live Show." She is represented by Robert Taormina at Roth Talent Agency. Filmography: Listed on IMDb. Cinétage: The Stagebooks Series. Novels: The Rose Princess- A Medieval Fantasy, The Porcelain Doll, Oriana, or The Secrets of the Rain, Carving A Life, On the Eve of Maye, The Saints of the Rue Scribe- Inspired by a True Story and Events, Laurina, The Maiden of Myrdine Manor, Evelyn's Orchard, Love Me Forever, Clementine and Olivien, The Anniversary. Photobooks: The Love in my Life, My Reality, The Color Within, Without, The Way I See It, "Collections- A Photobook by Angel Katherine Taormina", Beauty Everywhere, Nature- Impressions of the Seasons, Observations, A Different Perspective, and The Way I See Myself, and The Pink Angel. 

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