Angel Poses with Best Director Award October 2020
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Angel Katherine Taormina began her career writing novels and screenplays, directing and starring in her own short films, tv pilots, documentaries, and theatrical productions, and being an extra in major-motion-pictures. She opened her production company, Rose Room Productions, in 2014, with an eye for producing her own independent films.

Angel's independent feature film debut, "The Saints of the Rue Scribe" ran the film festival circuit from 2020 through 2021. The film traveled to 13 countries, was in theaters, streaming, film festivals, and screening rooms worldwide, played in 68 film festivals, and won 29 awards, including three for Best Picture, three for Best Actress for Angel, and three for Best Director for Angel.

"Cristabelle", a story of how someone in the present can be inspired by someone in the past,  was released on May 24th 2022 and is streaming on Amazon Prime, Google Play, Plex, YouTube, TUBI, and VUDU. Angel Katherine Taormina stars as both Cristabelle Joy and Marie Charpentier. She also directed, wrote, and edited the film.

With "Saints" and "Cristabelle" solidifying the talents of Angel Katherine Taormina, Angel has chosen her next film project. It will be a film called "River Lights" and will be a modern and compelling story based on her 2019 novel entitled "The Anniversary".