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Angel's Filmography

The Eulogy- A Monologue in Silent- 2023- Won Best Experimental Short Film at Marina del Rey Film Festival.


Cristabelle- 2022- Made as a gift to the film festival fans  of “The Saints of the Rue Scribe”.


Everything- 2020- An experimental film using different types of cameras.


The Saints of the Rue Scribe- 2020- An experimental feature film. Won 29 film festival awards in 13 countries and screened in private event theatres.


Courage Over Fear- 2020- A short made about what happened before “The Saints of the Rue Scribe”.


Cycle of Art (M.E. in Pixels)- 2017- A short about photography.


Follow the Girl in the Rose-Colored Skirt- 2015- A short in which Angel played two characters.


Inspiration- 2015- A short in which Angel highlighted the beauty of nature.


A Woman’s Worth- 2012- A short about friendship and self-worth.


3rd Annual Global Rosary Relay for Priests- 2012- Angel won an award for Best Documentation of the Event for this documentary.


Miracles Still Happen- 2012- An experimental short, silent film.


Redemption- 2011- The sequel to “Guilt”.


The Grand Era- 2009- A documentary filmed in Paris.


Love, Automatons, and Purple Elephants- 2009- A collection of experimental micro-shorts.


Guilt- 2008- An experimental film in black and white for which Angel received her first-ever film festival nomination.


Spider-Man 2- 2004- Angel played an uncredited extra- Female Onlooker on Street.


Angel’s World- 2003- Angel wrote, directed, and starred in an educational video for children.


The Siege- 1998- Angel played an uncredited extra- Girl in Pink Jacket on Street.

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