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Stagebooks is the full collection of the original Cinétage stories that spawned the live performances that spawned the performance scenes and the "Showbooks" in "The Saints of the Rue Scribe". This is the birth of Cinétage definitively together in one place. This is the book that started it all. These are the original Cinétage stories. Enjoy the journey!

Stagebooks Features The Stories of the Performances of:


Romeo and Juliette- A Triumph of Love


Les Contes d'Hoffmann- Le Choix d'Hoffmann


La Juive- La Fille du Cardinal


Hamlet et Ophelie


Mireille, ou Le Retour de la Relique


Faust and Marguerite


Die Zauberflote, 1791-A Journey into the Mind of Mozart


Lucia, or The Bride of Ravenswood


Le Medecin Malgre Lui- A Comedy


Otello and Desdemona


Saint Polyeucte

Stagebooks- Novel (featured in "The Saints of the Rue Scribe" Film)

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