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A Timeline of Angel Katherine Taormina

1989- Born in NYC, NY

1993- Wrote, directed, and acted in a play for the local children

1993-1994- Performed in expressive dance showcases


1996- Performed “The Star Spangled Banner” as opening act for a Janet Paschal concert

1998- Was an extra in the Denzel Washington thriller “The Siege”

1998-2007- Performed as a soloist at various Churches

1999-2000- Performed with Maryanne McElroy's Harvest Gospel Choir of New York

1999-2007- Studied with professors from Juilliard, Tufts, and Oberlin


2001- Was runway girl for an *NSYNC concert at Nassau Coliseum and first conceived the idea for what would become “The Rose Princess”

2001- Was offered four modeling contracts through Transcontinental Modeling

2001-2007- Studied under New York theatre scene giants Loretta di Franco (Metropolitan Opera) and Bob Marks (Legendary Broadway Coach and Pianist)

2002- Performed alongside Backstreet Boys' singer Howie Dorough at a convention


2003- Moved to Central Florida and wrote, directed, and acted in an educational children’s video as a secret princess who teaches children how to love their lives, began writing “The Rose Princess”, and began historical explorations for what would later become “Cinétage”

2003- Recorded in Transcontinental Studios in Orlando, Florida

2003- Performed in a theatre showcase for legendary theatre agent Dorothy Palmer

2003-2004- Studied under Karen Ruggerio and Joe Fatone Sr. (father of *NSYNC's Joey Fatone) at Act 3 Studios in Orlando, Florida and performed the lead in two summer stock plays (Marion Paroo in "The Music Man" and Adelaide in "Guys and Dolls"), and a dance showcase 

2004- Began writing “The Porcelain Doll” and “Oriana, or The Secrets of the Rain” and was an extra in the blockbuster “Spider-Man 2” 

2005- Recorded with Dr. John Sinclair of Rollins College and the Bach Festival Society of Winter Park

2005- Studied at KVG Acting Studio in Orlando, Florida

2005- Performed an evening of classics at Gaylord Palms in Orlando, Florida

2005- Graduated high school at age 15

2005- Wrote and performed a comedy called "Un gioco di cuori"

2005 and 2007- Performed two one-woman shows Off-Broadway in Manhattan and the Producers Club Theatre and the Sage Theatre

2006- Performed the "Star Spangled Banner" at the opening ceremony of a Flag Day Festival in Harmony, Florida

2007- Wrote and made a live recording of a Grand Opera Homage song called "Sur mon balcon"


2008- Was nominated in the San Francisco Short Film Festival for “Guilt” as writer, director, and actress  and performed at an event for Radio Disney


2009- Began writing “Carving A Life” and made and released the feature documentary “The Grand Era” as writer and director 

2009- Made and acted in four short films for the New York Film Academy

2009-2017- Made and released ten more short films and documentaries as writer, director, and actress 


2010- Began writing “On the Eve of Maye”

2011- Performed in a live adaptation of a children's book


2012- Wrote and released “The Saints of the Rue Scribe” and wrote “Laurina, The Maiden of Myrdine Manor” 


2013- Wrote the screenplay adaptation of “The Saints of the Rue Scribe” and wrote “Evelyn’s Orchard”

2013- Performed live and did a live table read for "The Saints of the Rue Scribe" at the prestigious Cafe Carlyle in Manhattan


2014- Released all novels written to date, that had not yet been released, and adapted all novels written to date, that had not yet been adapted, into screenplays, and founded Rose Room Productions


2015- Filmed footage of red-winged blackbirds that would eventually end up in “The Saints of the Rue Scribe”


2016- Finalized “Cinétage” and wrote and released the “Stagebooks” for the “Cinétage” “Stagebooks” series, wrote and released “Love Me Forever- The Journey of Erika Bayliss” and adapted it into a screenplay, and started pre- production for “The Saints of the Rue Scribe”


2016-2017- Wrote and released the new “Cinétage” “Stagebook” for “Golden” 


2016-2018- Wrote and released “Clementine and Olivien” and adapted it into a screenplay, and released several photobooks and photographs 


2018- Cast “The Saints of the Rue Scribe,” and added new scenes into the screenplay for the newly cast, insanely talented, lead actors 

2018- Performed a black box stage version of "Cinétage" in Orlando, Florida


2018-2020- Made “Courage Over Fear” and “The Saints of the Rue Scribe” 

2019-2020- Wrote and released “The Anniversary” and adapted it into a screenplay titled "River Lights", wrote and did a reading of “The Window”, and wrote and did a reading of “The Complex” 

2020- Wrote, directed, edited, and released the short film "Everything", in which she played the role of Maggie

2020-2022- "The Saints of the Rue Scribe" won 29 film festival awards in 13 countries and played in select theaters both nationally and worldwide

2020- Became a SAG-AFTRA Member

2023- Made and starred in "The Eulogy- A Monologue in Silent" for which she won the award for Best Experimental Short Film at the Marina del Rey Film Festival

2023- "The Saints of the Rue Scribe" is coming to a theatre near you

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